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Kayak Rub Rails

Original price $52.00 - Original price $100.00
Original price
$52.00 - $100.00
Current price $52.00
Protect and enhance your kayak with our premium wooden rub rail kits. Made from solid North American hardwoods, our rub rails will last for years of paddling adventures. We offer three wood options to complement any kayak
  • Ash Wood Rub Rails - A light-colored wood with straight grain, ash rub rails provide durability at an affordable price.
  • Cherry Wood Rub Rails - The rich red-brown color of cherry wood adds warmth and style to any kayak. Cherry is also very strong and resistant to impact damage.
  • Walnut Wood Rub Rails - With its dark brown/black hue and distinctive grain patterns, walnut rub rails impart an air of luxury to your kayak. Walnut is a very dense and tough wood.