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Keel for Canoe

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Contrary to an oft-repeated statement, keels do not make your canoe "go in a straight line."

Straight line paddling is a function of your much practiced J-stroke. SHOE KEELS act to protect the hull from all sorts of abrasion. Check the attached images—keels are sacrificial and replaceable. Our keels for canoes are made from solid ash wood, providing exceptional strength, durability, and stability for your canoe. With a standard size of 3/4" X 3/4" by up to 16', these keels are designed to fit most canoes and are easy to install using standard tools and hardware. The natural properties of ash wood, including its resilience and shock absorption, make it an excellent choice for a canoe keel, providing improved tracking and stability while reducing the risk of damage from rocks and other debris in the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, adding one of our ash wood keels to your canoe is a smart investment that will help to improve your performance and enjoyment on the water.