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Sheer Clamps for Kayak

Original price $28.16 - Original price $28.16
Original price
$28.16 - $28.16
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The sheer clamps are of red cedar and measure 3/4" x 7/8" x length for your project and are sold individually.

The sheer clamps reside in a matching notch cut into the station molds and are held temporarily with drywall screws.

Although covered over by the first two rows of bead and cove strips, the sheer clamps remain attached to the molds when the hull is lifted free.

Then, these clamps become permanently attached to the underside of the deck.

Later, when the deck and hull are being permanently joined, the sheer clamps are there to ensure a correct fit and a place to use thickened epoxy to effect that joining.

This item requires custom shipping due to length. The freight will be calculated and charged separately pending your approval and prior to shipping.

Picture Descriptions
1) Sheer clamps for a kayak
2) Sheer clamps installed
3) Sheer clamps remain as hull is lifted
4) Another view of sheer clamps still in place
5) Sheer clamps now becoming part of the deck
6) Sheer clamps attached to underside of deck
7) Sheer clamps as part of the deck