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$41.60 - $48.00
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Available in ash, black cherry, butternut, and walnut - 32" or 34" long

Kit Contains:

  • Thwart
  • Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolt 3/16 X 2" (4)
  • Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts 10-24 (4)
  • Silicon Bronze Flat Washers #10 (4)

The thwarts MUST be mounted at the BALANCE POINT of the canoe (which is not the center-although close!)

A builder might, at a future date, decide to change the thwart for a carrying yoke; this will prove easy as our center thwarts and yokes have the same end profile so are interchangeable.

Canoes LONGER than 16'-consider a narrow second thwart 5" approximately aft of the bow seat - see image of the Nomad. The narrow thwart must be installed BEFORE balancing the canoe and installing the centre yoke or thwart.