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System Three Mirrorcoat Epoxy

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$53.34 - $440.02
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MirrorCoat is a pourable, self-leveling bar and tabletop coating. It works well on many surfaces such as wood, ceramics, plaster, masonry and some plastics. MirrorCoat cures to a glossy, smooth finish that is scratch and stain resistant. Cured MirrorCoat is waterproof and unaffected by alcohol.

Favored by professionals and DIYers alike, MirrorCoat is our self-leveling bar and tabletop epoxy coating with fans around the world. Featuring 100% solids and a crystal clear finish, MirrorCoat applies easily and gives the appearance of multiple coats of varnish.

MirrorCoat is a decorative, two-part, self-leveling bar top coating. It forms a high-gloss, clear protective coating for wood and many other materials. MirrorCoat creates a hard, clear layer on horizontal surfaces. Unlike most bar or countertop coatings, MirrorCoat is mixed at a ratio of two parts of resin to one part of hardener by volume.


• Cures crystal clear
• Exceptionally tough; water and alcohol proof
• Rapid defoaming
• Solvent-free
• Repairable, can be buffed and polished
• Convenient 2:1 mix ratio


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