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S1 Sealer

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S-1 is a two-part transparent epoxy sealer. Intended for marine use, it will act as a waterproof and chemical resistant primer on a variety of substrates including wood, concrete, metal, and fiberglass. Features: Simple 1:1 mix ratio Ready-to-use viscosity, no thinning required Excellent wetting properties on most surfaces Applies by brush, roller, or spray Long pot life Waterproof Strong adhesion to most substrates with minimal surface preparation Non-brittle even at extremely low temperatures No sanding required between coats up to 24 hours Resistant to salt air and water, and mild acids, alkalis, chemicals and solvents (Not unleaded gasoline-proof).

Recommended Uses: Wood: Seals effectively against moisture and oxygen, helping to protect against wood rot. Ideal for yacht interiors, shelving, cabinets, and furniture. Ferro-cement boats (reinforced concrete): Excellent moisture barrier for bulkheads and decks. Metals: Helps to prevent oxidation and chemical exposure effects including staining and tarnish. FRP(fiberglass): Coat polyester laminates with S-1 to provide complete moisture resistance that the fiberglass laminate alone can't provide. Use as a first sealer step in gel coat blister repair, after the blisters have been ground out.


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