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System Three Rot Fix

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RotFix is an ultra-low viscosity epoxy that penetrates deeply into soft, punky wood substrates. Unlike many popular “penetrating” epoxies, RotFix contains no solvents. It hardens punky wood and acts as a chemical bonding primer for both SculpWood Putty and Paste. The combination of RotFix Penetrating Epoxy and SculpWood Putty/Paste creates a permanent repair that will not shrink or crack.

RotFix can also be used as a stand-alone wood consolidant product for firming up punky wood prior the application of primer and paint. The result is a stabilized substrate that adds longevity to the primer and paint system.

Note: RotFix does not kill rot fungus or keep it from returning. For long term protection from rot and decay first use EndRot Borate Powder.


• Solvent Free
• Penetrates deeply into punky wood
• Cures over damp wood
• Low odor
• Compatible with most water and solvent based primer and paint


Data Sheets

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