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3M Non Skid Deck Cleaner 35.2 Oz

SKU 9063
by 3M
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  • Cleans ground-in dirt and stains in high-friction textured areas common on most boats
  • Easy to use – just pour, brush and rinse
  • Helps maintain effectiveness of non-skid surfaces
  • Contains no waxes that can make surfaces slippery after use
  • Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces

Our 3M™ Marine Non-Skid Cleaner is formulated specifically for cleaning ground-in dirt and stains on non-skid areas – the textured surfaces on boats where dirt and grime can settle and become very difficult to remove. This easy-to-use cleaner simply pours on, brushes in and rinses off, maintaining cleanliness aboard your boat. Safe for fiberglass, gelcoat, metal and painted surfaces.

Keeping Your Watercraft Clean in the Toughest Places
We developed our 3M™ Marine Non-Skid Cleaner specifically for those areas on your boat that are among the hardest to clean. Textures, often located in high traffic areas, create tiny places for dirt to settle. The result: discolored areas on your boat that are very hard to clean with traditional cleaning supplies. Our non-skid boat cleaner is formulated to reach deep into these textured areas and eliminate ground-in dirt and stains, leaving bright and clean non-skid surfaces. This marine surface cleaner does not contain waxes or other materials found in many common household cleaners that can become slippery. 

3M™ Marine Non-Skid Cleaner is very easy to use. Simply pour a small amount onto the surface, brush it in with a stiff brush and rinse it thoroughly with water. The formula is safe for use on fiberglass, gelcoat, metal and painted surfaces.

Better Science for Better Boating from 3M
3M delivers decades of development in cleaning and surface protection including the trusted Scotchgard™ and Scotch-Brite™ brands. Our 3M™ Marine Non-Skid Cleaner is a terrific example of how 3M applies science to the lives of boating enthusiasts – for cleaner non-skid surfaces and better boating.