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Ark Composites 2:1 Epoxy Hardener Fast

Original price $15.20 - Original price $161.86
Original price
$15.20 - $161.86
Current price $15.20
Mixing ratio by volume 2:1

MIXING:  Mix 2 parts Ark Epoxy Resin with 1 part Ark Hardener.  Use graduated containers or pumps to measure, don’t guess, too much or too little hardener will affect proper cure.  Mix thoroughly, scraping sides of the container, add fillers if desired, spread with solvent resistant Brush, Roller, or Squeegee. 

RECOATING:  Recoat with ARK Epoxy as soon as the previous coat is tacky, 2 to 6 hours depending on Hardener and Temperature.  After 8 hours or when the epoxy has cured hard sand with 80 grit paper before applying more epoxy, or other coatings.

 POT LIFE: Time before mixed Epoxy will start to thicken if left in the mixing container.   Getting the mixture out of the mixing pot and onto the work surface or into a container with a larger surface area as soon as possible will extend the working time.

WORKING (GEL) TIME:  The time you have to work with the mixed Epoxy when spread out as a coating or with fibreglass, before it starts to thicken.  Pot Life, Gel and sanding time will vary depending on temperature, mixed volume, time in the mixing container and laminate thickness.  Pot life and cure time will roughly double for an 8C drop in temperature, and ½ for an 8C rise.  


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