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Bristol Finish Amber

by Bristol
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Bristol Finish Traditional Amber Quart

Get the job done fast with this no-sand, fast-drying two-part high gloss varnish. 
Fast and easy to use Bristol wood finish does not require sanding between coats and only needs about one hour drying time between coats so you can quickly finish your project and get out on the water and enjoy yourself!

It can be applied "wet on wet" with no sanding required between coats.

Resistance to UV light and abrasion far exceeds that of conventional varnish with the durability of up to four years in northern latitudes and up to two years in the south.
  • Low maintenance alternative to traditional spar varnish
  • Premium wood coating system
  • Can be used as a stand-alone application
  • System kit can be applied "wet on wet" with no sanding required
  • Recommended usage: Interior and exterior use
  • Above the waterline use only
  • Two-part urethane
  • Additives: UV agents and inhibitors
  • Application: brush or roller
  • Drying time:
    • To overcoat: approximately 1 hr
    • To full cure: 24-36 hrs
  • Six coats minimum recommended over bare wood
  • Colour: Translucent amber
  • Coverage: application of 6 coats will yield approximately 35 square feet of coverage (200ft.2/qt.)
  • Package contains:
    • 32 Oz. Urethane Base
    • 4 Oz. Reactor


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