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Redtree Americana Varnish Brush (Badger Style Bristle)

Original price $12.88 - Original price $26.81
Original price
$12.88 - $26.81
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Redtree Americana Badger Brushes are handmade quality and provide excellent ultra-fine finishing results.

Features a handmade chiseled edge and solvent resistant plastic handle. Brush coes to a slightly thinner tip than the original Redtree Badger Brush to provides a sharper cutting edge.

The Americana brushes are excellent for working with varnish, urethane, enamels and other marine finishes. Available in brush widths from 1" to 3".


  • Type: Americana
  • Fill Material: Hog Bristle
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Style: Solvent resistant
  • Handle Type: Sash
  • Fill Material Type: Natural Bristle
  • Use: Urethane, varnish and enamels
  • Trim Type: Hand Formed Chisel Edge
  • Brush Type: Reusable
  • Handle Shape: Straight
  • Brush Grade / Quality: Superior
  • Bristle Type: Natural
  • Bristle Quality: Fine Finish
  • Brush Shape: Flat
  • Features: Ultra fine finishing results