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Sikaflex 295 UV 305ml

by Sika
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Sikaflex® 295UV is a one-component polyurethane adhesive/sealant specifically formulated for bonding acrylic and polycarbonate windows and hatches. It is also an excellent color stable, non-chalking sealant for general marine sealing.

Product Benefits: 

  • UV resistant, no cracking or chalking 
  • Salt water resistant 
  • Fast tack-free time 
  • Paintable and sandable 
  • Stable 
  • Bonds and seals in one step 
  • Initial load bearing capacity 
  • High thixotropy/good gap filling properties 
  • Non-yellowing 
  • Non-chalking 

Areas of Application: 

  • Sikaflex® 295 UV black: Bonding applications for polycarbonate windows and acrylic (PMMA) windows. Use in conjunction with Sika® Cleaner 226 and Sika® Primer 209N. 
  • Sikaflex® 295 UV white: Sealant in open joints between glass, ceramics, metals, many plastics, fiberglass, and many types of paint. Use in conjunction with Sika® Cleaner 226 or Sika® Aktivator. Not intended to bond mineral glass. Suitable for experienced professional users only. 

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