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Boatbuilding with Plywood Book

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By Glen L. Witt Index, hundreds of photos, drawings, and illustrations, 312 pages, 8 1/2"x11", softcover, 1989. This is the third edition of the well-known text covering plywood and its use in boatbuilding, especially from the standpoint of the amateur builder. It has become the recognized standard on a subject usually covered in otherbooks in a chapter at best. Widely used as a reference text in college level boatbuilding classes, this practical book explains the simple ways to build your own boat, taking you step-by-step from lofting to finish. You can almost build a boat by "reading" the pictures and drawings. All aspects of plywood boat construction are covered including lofting, materials to use, tools required, framing methods, covering with fiberglass using either epoxy or polyester resin, cold-molded planking, cabin joinery work, Stitch-N-Glue construction, and much more. This is a "must" book for both the beginner and accomplished boatbuilder who plans to build a boat using plywood. Numerous drawings and photos help put this building method in perspective and illustrate how almost anyone can build a plywood boat. The revised text also covers the use of epoxies for adhesives, encapsulation, and fiberglass over plywood use. The author is a practicing naval architect and boatbuilder who has specialized in the field of amateur boatbuilding. He knows his subject because he builds boats to develop new methods; not as a professional boatbuilder repeating the same building procedure. "I've never built a boat (in progress), so the first book I bought was the Glen-L Plywood Boatbuilding, as well as a couple of other plywood boat books, and a book on designing boats. I promise I am not on the Glen-L payroll when I say that the Glen-L plywood book is the best of the books I bought, and worth the money. " Aaron B., Washington, DC