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China Ox Varnish Brush

Original price $7.17 - Original price $22.98
Original price
$7.17 - $22.98
Current price $7.17

Redtree China-Ox Brushes are superior quality at an economical price. Made of blended natural China bristle and ox hair, enabling exceptional smooth paint flow and even leveling out. 

Ideal for all fine finish coatings including oil-based paint, stain and varnish. Features a clear wood handle and chisel edge trim.


  • Type: China Ox Varnish
  • Fill Material: Hog Bristle/Ox Hair
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Handle Style: Clear coat
  • Handle Type: Pencil
  • Fill Material Type: China Bristle & Ox Hair
  • Use: All fine finish coatings
  • Trim Type: Chisel Edge
  • Brush Type: Reusable
  • Handle Shape: Straight
  • Brush Grade / Quality: Superior
  • Bristle Type: Natural
  • Bristle Quality: Fine Finish
  • Brush Shape: Flat
  • Features: Exceptional smooth coverage